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InnerTruth Circle

Reclaim your inner voice and female power

The world around us is getting louder and faster. We learnt to make decisions based on logic and reasoning, but we forgot to listen to our inner voice. We forgot that our inner voice is our wisdom, our guide and that it gives us certainty about ourselves.

We have neglected our inner truth.

The noise of others has become more powerful.

We have become unsure if we do things, because we like them or because we are SUPPOSED to like them.

We don't even know our inner truth anymore.

It's time to reclaim our inner truth and female power.

To really live how WE want and not letting others decide how our life should look like.

To improve our relationship with ourselves and with the people around us.

To exist in fulfillment, accomplishment, and happiness. 


Hi, my name is Anja

I always thought I followed my own dreams. Do what my heart desires. But as it happens so often, I was put into a box and along the way I lost myself - my inner voice. I didn't hear it anymore. I just followed the expectations of the label I put on myself. I was letting myself be controlled by the outside, by the expectations of others from the box they put me in. I secretly wanted something different, but didn't know anymore, what this "something different" was.

Reconnecting with myself, my inner truth, and my female energy, showed me what I really want in my life. How I want to live it. What is important for ME.

It became so big for me that I wanted to show you, how your life and your relationship with others can change when you are really connected to yourself, your inner voice, and female power again. 

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Take a moment just for yourself together in a community of like minded women, reconnect with your inner voice and reclaim your female power.
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